Adrienne Shapiro

Sickle Cell Disease

Adrienne is the mother of a daughter of sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease mutates the body’s red blood cells, leading to agonizing pain and often death. In fact, 4 generations of her family have been ravaged by the devastating illness which has already taken the lives of too many relatives. Adrienne knows first hand what thousands of families go through every day, a life time of emergency room visits, and watching the ones she loves in crippling pain has strengthened her resolve to fight. Using her personal experiences Adrienne has dedicated her life to improving the care of people living with the disease and in supporting those searching for a cure.

Unfortunately, treatment for sickle cell disease is roughly the same now as it was over fifty years ago, with no real advances in treatment. Instead, pain management and hydration has become all that Adrienne and many families like hers can hope for.

Thanks to work supported by the California Stem Cell Initiative, a phase one human clinical trial is testing a revolutionary new treatment for sickle cell disease. This new treatment involves modifying adult stem cells to stop the mutation, paves the way for improved patient treatment, and could one day lead to a cure altogether.

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