Subbiah Subramanian

Major Heart Failure

Subbiah was A 51 year old when he suffered a massive heart attack while driving his twin 10 year old sons to their sailing competition. Having always been active and healthy, Subbiah was horrified to learn that his condition would only worsen as his heart’s capacity for pumping blood deteriorated.

Fearing the possibility of leaving his family alone, Subbiah begin searching the internet for any possible treatments that would slow his heart’s deterioration within an hour of leaving the operating theatre. This was how he stumbled upon lab research project that could potentially save his life. Subbiah discovered that he was one of the rare few patients who qualified for their just started human clinical trial and was treated 30 days after his heart attack, after there was no sign of any partial natural recovery.

One month after treatment, Subbiah experienced a 90% recovery, and in another month he was almost fully back to normal and by 6 months probably as good as before. He described the ability to walk up stairs again – taking two steps at one time! Miraculously Subbiah was able to make a full recovery and is back to living his active and healthy lifestyle.

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