Brendan Gellman

Living the life he wants, with vision and hearing loss

“Stem cell research could mean no longer worrying about passing on our genes and our conditions to our children.”

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A Long-Distance Endurance Test for This Parkinson’s Patient

"I went home and put on my running shoes. Turns out it was probably the best thing I could do for myself."

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Pushing Back Against Parkinson’s Disease

"Parkinson's Disease is not itself a disability unless I choose to allow it to be."

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A Long Career Turned Toward Activism for MS Patients

His diagnosis helped James make a turn to activism to raise awareness about MS.

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A Quadriplegic Embraces Life After Injury

“I began to realize how lucky I really was to be alive."

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Don Reed

His Son Paralyzed, An Advocate Is Born

“It was the worst day of our family’s life: September 10, 1994."

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