Bill is a cancer survivor, a two-time liver transplant recipient, and a diabetic—but he’d be sure to tell you that’s all secondary to his roles as an advocate, father, and grandfather.

Bill is a patient advocate for all patients with chronic diseases and injuries, striving to drive policy reform that improves access, health care delivery, and quality of life for patients.  

Bill was a core advocate during the Proposition 71 campaign in 2004, and a key part of the development strategy for the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Bill is the Founder and CEO of the California Hepatitis C Task Force and Chairman of the National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces. He is also a founding Board Member of the California Chronic Care Coalition in Sacramento. He serves on the Community Advisor board of the Partnership Health Plan of California. He is a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance. He is also a founding board member and advocacy director of the FAIR Foundation, which is dedicated to reforming our nation’s organ transplant and NIH research policies.

Bill lives in Petaluma, and has four grown children and three grandchildren. He is a former faculty member of the University of California, San Francisco. He holds a Bachelor’s  of Science in Public Health Administration from San Francisco State University.