Why do we need public funding for stem cell research?

Taking a new drug or therapy from idea to market is incredibly expensive, costing potentially billions of dollars, due to a lengthy and rigorous series of FDA-required tests to prove safety and efficacy. Companies will only risk such an investment if there is a realistic chance of success. Accordingly, publicly-funded scientists take the first investigative […]

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Will President Trump support stem cell research?

In the past, U.S. presidents have used their authority to direct federal funding toward, or away from, embryonic stem cell research. President George W. Bush signed an executive order in 2001 banning the use of federal funds for such research, which President Barack Obama reversed in 2009. While President Trump has not expressed an official […]

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Is stem cell research the same as cloning?

No. Stem cell research involves only cells, not cloning. The term “cloning” usually conjures the idea of duplicating an organism. This is known as “reproductive cloning” and it is prohibited by California law even to experiment with human reproductive cloning. Some people confuse this type of illegal cloning with a legal type of copying of […]

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How do clinical trials with stem cells work?

Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical treatment is safe and effective for people. Once potential treatments are discovered in the lab (“the bench”), they are subjected to rigorous testing in non-human models. This process involves years of research, and hundreds, even thousands, of failed experiments. The most promising treatments are then […]

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Why is it taking so long for stem cell research to cure diseases?

Through the research funded by Proposition 71, California’s scientists are making remarkable progress. Already, 38+ human cell-based clinical trials are underway, in various stages of progress—and in the case of one disease, patients have even been cured. We must remember that, on average, it takes more than a decade for a therapy to move from […]

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How is stem cell research funded?

In California, stem cell research is funded by $3 billion in public use bonds, approved by voters in November 2004. That ballot initiative created the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), which invests up to $350 million per year. Research is also funded by the NIH. Private sector funding does occur, but after the initial […]

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