What is Proposition 71?

Proposition 71 is California’s landmark $3 billion investment in stem cell research and therapy development. Approved by 7 million Californians and 59% of voters in November 2004, Proposition 71 is now enshrined in the California State Constitution as Article 35, and the stem cell agency it established invests up to $350 million per year in […]

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Is embryonic stem cell research legal?

Yes. Research using stem cells is legal in the United States. The cells used in research are obtained through the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), with the explicit, informed consent of donors and following closely regulated procedures that meet stringent ethical standards. Without that consent, this tissue would be discarded as biomedical waste.

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Where do stem cells come from?

Embryonic stem cells come from donated excess fertilized eggs created for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, tissue that would otherwise be discarded. Induced pluripotent stem cells are generated in a lab, often by manipulating “mature” cells (such as skin or blood cells) to an embryonic-like state through a process called “reprogramming.” Tissue stem cells […]

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What are the different kinds of stem cells?

There are three types of stem cells: adult/tissue stem cells, embryonic (or pluripotent) stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Each one is unique in its origins and how can be best used for medical research. You can learn more here.

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What is a stem cell?

“Stem cell” is used to describe a wide range of different types of cells that possess similar properties. Stem cells have two defining properties: (1) they can replicate indefinitely, and (2) they can develop into any cell type in the body. Learn the different types of stem cells here.

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