Quiz: Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Learn the basics of Type 1 Diabetes, a chronic disease affecting more than 1.25 million people in the United States. Which organ is affected in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)? What is the primary job of the pancreas? What happens when we lose our pancreatic beta cells, such as in T1D? Why do […]

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Quiz: Top Myths About Stem Cells

Top Myths About Stem Cells Myth 1: A single microscopic pre-embryo can only make a single stem cell therapy for one person. Select all that apply: Myth 2: Some people believe that embryos are the only source of stem cells—but are there other ways scientists obtain stem cells? Myth 3: Adult stem cells are the […]

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Quiz: Stem Cells 101

Stem Cells 101 Test your knowledge about stem cells with our quiz! What is a stem cell? What are adult stem cells? What are embryonic or pluripotent stem cells? What are induced pluripotent stem cells? Is embryonic stem cell research legal? How is stem cell research funded? What is CIRM? What is Proposition 71? Thanks […]

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Quiz: Clinical Trials 101

Clinical Trials 101 What is the primary goal of a Phase 1 clinical trial? In the US, approximately how much does it cost to take a treatment from the lab all the way to the market? You are healthy but would like to participate in a clinical trial studying a migraine treatment. Can you enroll? […]

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