Benefit #50 (of 71) of the California Stem Cell Program: FIGHTING PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY

Other than being spectacularly flat, my feet gave me no trouble for my first 72 years. True, when I stepped out of water, the tracks my feet left ... read more

FIGHTING BOWEL DISEASE: Benefit # 48 of the California Stem Cell Program

No one can fully understand another person’s pain. Before my son’s accident, I thought people in a wheelchair just sat down a lot. I had no idea ... read more

Benefit # 46 (of 71) from the California Stem Cell Research Program: STEM CELLS AGAINST STROKE

In the middle of the night, I was wakened by a soft “pop” inside my head, like the bursting of a bubble wrap. And the strangest thing — I ... read more

Benefit # 47 (of 71) of the California Stem Cell Research Program: JOBS AND NEW MONEY

Imagine a government program that attracts money, instead of just spending it… The California stem cell program does exactly that. Technically ... read more

The Man Speaks From Experience

A long-time medical technologist and former faculty member at UCSF, Bill Remak has his fair share of experience with the medical research industry. ... read more

Advocacy Through Comedy: The Story Behind Hilarity for Charity

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Get To Know Your Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Leslie Thompson

Meet one of your Americans for Cures’ Scientific Advisory Board members and UC Irvine neurobiologist, Dr. Leslie Thompson. Leslie’s lab ... read more

A Tenacious and Unstoppable Advocate for ALS

Diane Winokur is a true champion. Even in her mid-80’s, she not only speaks with confidence about her hope for the future of ALS, but she is ... read more