Advocacy Through Comedy: The Story Behind Hilarity for Charity

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Lauren Miller Rogen may be best known for her work as a writer and an actor, but she is also a powerhouse advocate, founding the organization Hilarity for Charity. Americans for Cures recently sat down to talk with Lauren about her journey as an advocate for Alzheimer’s research and why an advocate’s voice can make

Get To Know Your Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Leslie Thompson

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Meet one of your Americans for Cures’ Scientific Advisory Board members and UC Irvine neurobiologist, Dr. Leslie Thompson. Leslie’s lab investigates the potential of stem cells to study and treat Huntington’s Disease (HD). Her list of accomplishments and publications keep growing and could fill up an entire pamphlet. Yet, with all the successes and through

How the California Stem Cell Program is Fighting Your Incurable Disease!

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Without Don Reed, the stem cell voice in California would not be what it is today. Don’s journey in stem cell advocacy began almost twenty years ago with California’s Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act of 1999- an initiative named after his son who was paralyzed in a football accident. Don later served on

Champions Award Interview Bart Narter

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Meet April’s co-Champions Award recipient, Bart Narter. Bart was an avid cyclist for decades before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We spoke to Bart to learn more about his experience of living with Parkinson’s and what motivates him to do the amazing work he’s doing. Q. Tell us about your personal story of being diagnosed

Champions Award Interview Jenifer Raub

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Meet one of our Champions Award recipients for the month of April, Jenifer Raub. Jenifer is President of the Board for Summit for Stem Cell, Patient Advocate for Parkinson’s disease and a Patient Ambassador for Americans for Cures. She has testified as a Parkinson's patient advocate to the FDA in support of iPSC and regenerative

Champions Award Recipient For March James Stewart

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Meet March's Champions Award recipient, James Stewart. James had a successful career in the aircraft and high tech industry,  but it was interrupted after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2007. James’ first symptoms were experienced in 2003 while cycling his favorite Sonoma county roads. Initially diagnosed with benign recurring remitting MS, his

Get To Know Dr. Craig Walsh & His Research On MS

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Meet Dr. Craig Walsh. He's Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Center and Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Walsh's research focuses on both viral- and myelin antigen-induced models of multiple sclerosis (MS), and seeks to define specific strategies to promote immune tolerance to stem cell derivatives following transplantation