Newsletter: Stem Cell Stories for October 2017

As we wrap up #StemCellMonth here at Americans for Cures, I want to say something important: thank you. Your statements, testimonials, and videos telling of your hope for stem cell research inspired the entire California stem cell program to continue in our shared fight for cures. From patient activism to biological research to lobbying our […]

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Newsletter: Stem Cell Stories for September 2017

Hi friends, Do young people still believe they can change the world? You bet they do. It was while I was in college that I discovered the potential of stem cells, and decided to dedicate my career to the patients who could be treated and cured through scientific research. Years later, I am on the […]

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Newsletter: Stem Cell Stories for July 2017

  Hi Friends, In 2011, Rich Lajara became the first person in California to receive an embryonic stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury. Since that day, countless breakthroughs have been made in stem cell research. From a cure for the fatal “Bubble Boy Disease,” to progress towards treatments for chronic diseases and injuries such as […]

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Newsletter: Stem Cell Stories for June 2017

  Hi Friends, I’m a long-term HIV/AIDS survivor for 30 years. In that time, I’ve worked alongside countless volunteers and organizations devoted to fighting HIV/AIDS. But as I’ve marched in the streets for legislation and policy changes, I’ve worked with researchers – and, along the way, joined the battle in California to end the HIV/AIDS crisis: […]

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Newsletter - May 2017

Newsletter: Stem Cell Stories for May 2017

Hi Friends, As human beings, I believe that we are morally obligated to help alleviate human suffering, and that we should not wait until someone dear to us is sick before taking action. Over the past year, this belief has propelled me to speak up to my peers at California State University San Marcos about […]

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