Advocating for a cure for HIV/AIDS for three decades

“There is something that drives me, and I guess it’s just that we’re not there yet. Until we will, I’ll keep on working.”

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From quadriplegic paralysis to the pitcher’s mound

A year since his accident, Lucas now has recovered near complete motility in his fingers—enough to write and use the phone, to begin recovering ways he lived before the accident. Looking back, Lucas says he can only describe it as a miracle.

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A Four-Year-Old Confronts Her Diabetes Head-On

“Stem cell research is by far our best shot at getting a true biological cure”

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California’s First Embryonic Stem Cell Recipient

“In my heart, I believe that being in a wheelchair is temporary. In my lifetime, I’m going to walk. So, it helps know there’s something over the horizon, some level of a cure.”

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Timothy Ray Brown

Meet the only person to be cured of HIV

“When I was diagnosed with HIV, there were no possible treatments. People were even dying from the medication, it was so toxic.”

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Antonio Quistian

Partially paralyzed, wholly lucky

“My overall mission is to get people to believe that their abilities are endless regardless of the disabilities or physical and mental challenges they face."

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