In the days since Stem Cell Awareness Day, we are more inspired than ever in our fight for treatments and cures.

That inspiration is thanks to people like you. We asked you to tell us why stem cell research gave you hope, and your replies remind all of us at Americans for Cures why we do what we do. Want to share? Do it here.

The responses ranged from the heartbreaking…

“A cure for my daughter’s incurable disease, bronchiolitis obliterans, an autoimmune disorder related to rheumatoid arthritis. It is gradually killing her bronchial tubes until she can no longer breathe.” —Jill

To the cautiously hopeful…

“I hope that my grandson will be cured of sickle cell disease, no more blood transfusions, no more infections, no more pain. I hope he can be free to pursue a career and have a family.” —Nancy

“Stem cell research means that I won’t become a widow at young age due to the CMT2A that is slowly stealing my love from me.” —Heather

To the downright inspiring:

“My sister had Burkitt lymphoma and in March, I was blessed with being a match for stem cell transplant and so far so good she’s in remission.” —Anna

These are all real people in this community who shared these with us. Ready to share your own?

Tell us why stem cell research gives you hope here, and we’ll publish your responses on Facebook.

Thank you for celebrating Stem Cell Awareness Day with us—and for your support every day. We will win. Treatments and cures exist, waiting only to be discovered.